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Lovely Internet 12.13.13

Lovely Internet 12.13.13


1. A part of the country that is completely foreign to me.

2. Fruitcake for a good cause.

3. These potatoes look divine.

4.  An interesting look at why looking the part makes us feel better when we exercise.

5. I love to run with Kaylee but she’s a total spaz. Maybe this would help?

6. I want this. I so, so, so want this. Or this.

7. This will come in handy this Christmas.

8. A powerful look at double standards.

9. The Bitter Southerner shirt.

10. I was lucky enough to receive a Batch Nashville and I have to say, it was a fantastic little surprise waiting on my doorstep.

The Colombo Marsala recipe competition is going on through Sunday, so please go vote! My Fig & Sausage Biscuits could take us to Italy with your help. We’ve held a solid lead for the past few days and I’d love to keep it up. I have to say, working this hard to get out the vote is exhausting. I have a whole new level of respect for people that run for public office!

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