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Lovely Internet 8.29.14

Lovely Internet 8.29.14


1. How to Be Polite.

2. I’ve never, not once, felt guilty about peeing in the ocean. Is that a thing that people feel guilt about?!?

3. Buzzfeed vs Southern Living on southernisms.

4. My dear friend Aaron started his own food blog this week, Feed the Pan. Check it out- his enthusiasm for food and cooking is unparalleled.

5. There’s something I’d like you to understand about black people: we’re like everyone else. “

6. “Did you just he who smelt it dealt it racism?” (watch until the end. it’s worth it)

7. Nicki Minaj, the feminist. (Beyonce too)

8. I’ve been digging into the storytelling app, Stellar, and loving it.

9. My brother, Daniel, made a beautiful video of his life in Ningbo, China.

10. Dan was watching this last night and I couldn’t help but watching over his shoulder. It’s an important message.

p.s. Writing Skills

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