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Lovely Internet 4.10.15

1. Jenny has finished her second book and I cannot wait.

2. Dixie is dead. Take her out back and bury her.

3. Sheep are making a comeback.

4. What the world needs is definitely not #whitegirlsrock.

5. Is the answer to the California drought (and our global shortage of fresh water) desalination?

6. The origins of white people.

7. “LOL, what volcano?

8. Pasture raised hens– is this the future of mass egg production?

9. I’ve been working on a book proposal for well over a year and I’ve found, honestly, it’s harder to write the proposal than it is to write the book. Heidi has some great insight on proposal writing.

10. Our Ireland trip, day by day- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6  (and as a bonus, our selfie series 1 / 2 )


P.S. The No Time to Cook Book is out!


P.P.S. Grace on being vulnerable.


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The No Time to Cook Book

Today is the day! No Time to Cook has been published, and can be in your kitchen, giving you the recipes, with the click of a button (or a quick walk to the book store).


This book is momentous in that it is the first book that I have done that is all mine, with my name right there on the cover in all of its glory. That is of course a giant fallacy because no book is ever all one person, dozens of people worked their asses off to pull this thing together but, never the less, there is my name. Just below the fajita, exactly where I like it.

nttcb 2

Here’s the schtick-  No Time to Cook is a book full of quick, easy, whole foods recipes that can be on your table in about 20 minutes. From shakshouka to fajitas to sushi the recipes are presented in a clear step by step style (with some amazing illustrations!) that will guide you from the kitchen to the table in a quick and painless manner. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and dinner parties, all featuring whole, real foods.


When I first took on this project, I wasn’t sure what the book would look like or how I felt about the concept. I am not a semi-homemade cook. I believe in getting dirty, in cooking from scratch, in putting only food you’re proud of on the table. I didn’t know if we could do that in 20 minutes. After months of cooking and recipe writing, I’m proud to say that we did. Each one of these recipes is delicious, high quality, and can be prepared quickly. We’re not microwaving potatoes, we’re teaching you how to be efficient. I actually think I said it all in the forward:

nttcb 1

I’ve had an advance copy for a few weeks and everyone that I’ve shown it to has loved it. It really is fun to thumb through, and it makes you want to crack open the fridge and try your hand at some new recipes. It was quite a process to write (isn’t it always?) and I am incredibly happy with the end result. Thank you, DK, for giving me the opportunity to have my name on something as awesome as this. It’s a real pleasure.

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Lovely Internet 3.27.15

1. They alive dammit! Also, why Dong is a controversial character.

2. This made me tear up a little.

3. It’s so true, saying pants is terribly informal. Pantaloons it is!

4. The ‘Serial’ saga continues.

5. Oh well, I guess the overhead shot is dead.

6. Own your shit.

7. The fact that I can’t pull my ass out of bed means I’m brilliant, guys.

8. ChardonYAAAY!

9. I’m an ENFJ, and I actually have been accused of misusing optimism before. (via Tracy)

10. Ha!


P.S. I leave tomorrow for a week-long visit to Dublin! My sister Lauren and my stepmom and I are going to visit my sister Genevieve, and I am so excited! I’ll be taking the week off of B&S, but you can follow along over on instagram!


P.P.S. The photo above is from our incredible trip last weekend to the Belmond Charleston Place. It was the perfect weekend and exactly what we needed after the stress of the past month. I can’t wait to share about the whole thing after I get back from Ireland!


For more tidbits from Elena the person, follow me on twitter (@elenabrent or @biscuitsandsuch), instagrampinterest or facebook. Subscribe to my bloglovin’ feed to make sure you never miss a post. Follow along with MissElenaeous for thoughts on everything other than Southern food.

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